The Castle and the Buda Hills in Winter • Budapest, Hungary

Blaguss DMC hosted euromic’s Annual General Meeting in January 2017

It was a big honour for us at Blaguss DMC to host euromic’s Annual General Meeting in January 2017.

Let’s dive into the details…

After arriving to Budapest, all guests

were individually transported to Budapest Marriott Hotel, where the three-day long meeting was organized. The guests and colleagues were welcomed at the euromic hospitality desk, which gave their stay a friendly start. The first session of the Annual General Meeting took place in the afternoon, expanding into an informal get together cocktail reception and continued with a delicious dinner in one of Budapest’s best fine dining restaurants. Gipsy music entertained the guests during dinner.

Euromic AGM First Night Dinner • Budapest, Hungary

The second day started with a meeting for euromic members and with an optional program for accompanying persons. For the spouses, the morning began with a guided walk at the Parliament, Synagogue, Jewish Quarter and Gozsdu Courtyard, a place packed with cafes, restaurants and bars.

Euromic AGM Spouse Program Parliament • Budapest, Hungary

The next stop was a short visit to the Great Market Hall, the colourful cavalcade of vegetables, fruits, spices and “Hungaricums”. Here the guests had to buy the ingredients of their own lunch, as the next stop was a cooking course where they had the chance to prepare their own meal as the challenge of the day. Don’t worry it was fun and eased their stomachs as they continued the program visiting the Castle District, Matthias Church and conquering the Fishermen’s Bastion.

Euromic AGM Spouse Program Great Market Hall • Budapest, HungaryEuromic AGM Spouse Program Cooking Course • Budapest, Hungary

Euromic AGM Spouse Program Matthias Church • Budapest, Hungary

Meanwhile euromic members were working hard at the meetings…

The dinner on this day took place at Wenckheim Palace, the building otherwise operates as one of Budapest’s most frequented libraries. The stylish, elegant and extraordinary dinner included elements like hussars with torchlight at the entrance, a magician circulating among the guests during the welcome, and a stunning magician and violin show during the dinner.

Euromic AGM Wenckheim Palace Group Photo • Budapest, Hungary Euromic AGM Wenckheim Palace Violin Show • Budapest, Hungary Euromic AGM Wenckheim Palace Dessert • Budapest, Hungary

The last day included a half-day meeting for euromic members and a half-day optional program for accompanying persons. This time the spouses took a quick visit to the Citadel – a fortress above the city – where they admire a beautiful landscape of Budapest and finished the program relaxing in the thermal pools of Széchenyi Bath and enjoying a gentle massage. The lunch for the whole group was arranged at Budapest Marriott Hotel.

Euromic AGM Spouse Program Szechenyi Bath • Budapest, Hungary

In the afternoon, the “euromic secret agents’ mission” took place. The cover story of the team building activity was that the database of euromic had been stolen and it had to be retrieved from the enemy. To complete the mission, the groups had to overcome different challenges at different locations in the city before they could return to Budapest Marriott Hotel, the final station.

Euromic AGM Team Building Activity • Budapest, Hungary

The winning team was announced during the dinner which was arranged in Hello Baby Bar, a trendy location in the city centre. The modern, stylish atmosphere gave a special ambience to the night. Cocktails and dance shows enriched the program. During the dinner, a special music formation of a DJ and a violin player provided the music.

Euromic AGM Hello Baby Bar Cocktail Show • Budapest, Hungary Euromic AGM Hello Baby Bar Dance Show • Budapest, Hungary Euromic AGM Hello Baby Bar Dinner • Budapest, Hungary

On the day of departure, the participants were transported individually to Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

We believe that the stay in Budapest, a city full of surprises and extraordinary events, left memories of warm moments in the hearts, despite of the frosty and glacial weather conditions.