Museum of Illusions

Enter the fascinating world of illusions! We will trick your senses and amaze you while doing it. The world that will confuse you completely, but also educate you. Visit the museum of illusions and you will learn that nothing is what it seems, especially not in here!

This extraordinary museum has holograms, stereograms and optical illusions for the whole family to enjoy. Over 70 exhibition pieces present new dimensions of perception. In this interactive museum, visitors can defy gravity in an inclined room, observe other visitors growing and shrinking, lose the ground from beneath their feet in the vortex tunnel (rotating cylinder), serve the head of a visitor on a tray, or take a photo in an infinite room.

The museum in downtown Vienna is suitable for groups, too. An extra room can be definitely used for private gatherings and the museum can be rented for a private visit of small groups.