Mystery Makers at Museum of Fine Arts: Can you solve the riddle of the Sphinx?

Plato said that You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.
The Sphinx will challenge you with riddles and puzzles as you travel through ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome on a journey for answers. On your way you will discover secrets and mysteries from the past.
The Mystery Hunt at Kunsthistorisches Museum is a Da Vinci Code inspired treasure hunt for adults. It takes place in The Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection. The Mystery Hunt is an 100% “analogic” product that consists of beautiful old envelopes filled with tasks that challenges your intellect, while strengthening cooperation and personal relations.
The experience is suited for teambuilding, a group of friends and children over the age of 15. The Treasure Hunt can be played by groups of 4 to 100 persons.