Update on COVID-19 in Hungary

The number of confirmed people infected with the coronavirus in Hungary now stands at 4,014. In compulsory home quarantine: 9,965. Recovered: 2,284. Deceased: 548.


Latest news on coronavirus in Hungary


  • from March 17: the government ordered the closure of all clubs, entertainment venues, pubs, cinemas, and cultural institutions.
  • May 18: The lockdown was eased in the capital and in Pest county (after the countryside), but physical distancing of one and a half meters is to be kept, and masks have to be worn when shopping and on public transport. Public areas, parks and shops can open. Restaurants, cafés, and bars may be open if they have a garden or terrace. Outdoor baths, open-air museums, playgrounds, and zoos may reopen, however, the operators of the facilities must ensure that social distancing is maintained everywhere. Restrictions on store opening hours are lifted, but the rule remains in effect whereby only those people over the age of 65 can shop in grocery stores and drugstores between 9 a.m. and noon. Outside Budapest, hotels can reopen, while maintaining social distance regulations. Customers of restaurants, cafés, confectioneries and buffets will be permitted to eat the ordered food or drink inside the venue. The staff are obliged to wear face masks covering the mouth and the nose, and the protective distance must be maintained.
  • May 29: restaurants, cafes, bakeries and buffets are allowed to serve food and drinks indoors in Budapest too. Also, the same rules apply to catering establishments operated by hotels in the capital, but employees are still expected to wear face masks and the same physical distancing rules apply as they do outside Budapest.
  • Gathering in groups are banned. From 28 May, open-air cultural and sporting events (e.g. open-air theater, cinema, circus, exhibition, literary event) can be attended in accordance with epidemiological rules. Spectators may occupy only one in four seats, shall not sit directly behind each other and shall have a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters between them. An outdoor event is a program that takes place for the entire duration outside a walled, covered building on all sides, or during which spectators are protected by a tent (such as a circus tent) due to the weather, or those that are enclosed by a wall built for the event or take place in an uncovered or partially covered facility (e.g. stadium, swimming pool, outdoor stage, outdoor cinema).
  • People visiting shops, markets, and shopping malls, or using public transport and taxis are mandated to wear face masks or otherwise cover their faces with mask-like substitutes (scarves, shawls, etc.).

 Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport (22 813 passengers in May)


Passenger and cargo traffic

Aviation gradually restarted in more and more European countries in May. Thus, an increasing number of airlines are announcing the restarting of flights to and from Budapest. The operator of Ferenc Liszt International Airport is prepared for the restart of traffic, and has done everything to ensure safe and risk-free air travel.

New flights from June

Following the slow increase in May, several airlines announced the gradual restart of flights to and from Budapest in June and July.


 Lufthansa Frankfurt From 1 June, daily flight
  Munich From 15 June, 3 flights a week
Swiss Airlines Zurich From 8 June, 3 flights a week
Brussels Airlines Brussels From 16 June, 4 flights a week
Eurowings Stuttgart From 11 June, 3 flights a week
  Düsseldorf Already operational, 3 flights a week
Czech Airlines Prague From 15 June, 3 flights a week
WizzAir Several routes launched in May More new routes are expected in June, depending on the opening of the borders
Ryanair Currently, the London Stansted route is operational Gradual return from July
Air France Paris From 1 June, 2-3 flights a week (to be confirmed)
SunExpress Antalya From 21 June, 1 flight a week
KLM Amsterdam Already operational, daily flight


Information on entering and leaving Hungary