Mystery Hotel Budapest

Mystery Hotel Budapest is an 82-room luxury hotel located in the city center of Budapest. The eclectic palace was built by the Hungarian Freemasons in the 19th century. As the life of the Freemasons was full of mystery and mystique, the theme of the hotel is shrouded with legends and secrets. The hotel is full of optical illusions: you can see Aladdin’s flying carpet above the front desk, there is fire by the entrance, an elevator hidden by curtains, and you have to solve the mystery of opening the hidden Knight room.

Each of the guestrooms, studios and suites are designed in three different styles aligned with a Greek column style: Corinth, Ion and Dor. The Great Hall – restaurant lobby and bar – is located on the 4th floor, where buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. The restaurant also has a Loggia for up to 24 people, it is separated from the main restaurant. Another dining option is the Rooftop bar at the top of the hotel. The Secret Garden Spa provides different services and treatments. The Conference Center offers a separate entrance and foyer leading to 3 event rooms accommodating up to 300 people.

Haris Park: New Meeting Point in Budapest

Haris Park has just opened its doors to the public welcoming meetings, exhibitions, dinners and receptions. With its beautifully restored heritage building and amazing garden, it provides a unique space for special events. Located in the Buda side of the city, in elegant surroundings, it features a 320 sqm Ballroom and a 70 sqm Chapel. In addition, scheduled for this autumn, a smooth lounge-styled bar and a 50 and a 70 sqm meeting room will be also available.