Balls in Vienna • Vienna, Austria

Balls in Vienna

The city of Vienna celebrates the carnival during the months of January and February. This time of the year is also called a ball season, while the city of waltz dresses up into a gala attire. Every year it hosts more than 450 balls.

Even attendees that are not fully familiar with the three-four rhythm and ballroom dances will surely be able to find their kind of music. Traditions of an opening by the debutants in the white dresses, the first waltz to the song the Blue Danube and a midnight quadrille are all part of a perfect trip back to the imperial times.

The public is incredibly interested in the Opera Ball that is usually welcoming over 5000 guests and takes place in Viennese State Opera. On the other hand, the ball that is said to have the best atmosphere is called Coffeehouse Owners’ Ball and is held in Vienna’s legendary Hofburg.

Museum of Illusions

Enter the fascinating world of illusions! We will trick your senses and amaze you while doing it. The world that will confuse you completely, but also educate you. Visit the museum of illusions and you will learn that nothing is what it seems, especially not in here!

This extraordinary museum has holograms, stereograms and optical illusions for the whole family to enjoy. Over 70 exhibition pieces present new dimensions of perception. In this interactive museum, visitors can defy gravity in an inclined room, observe other visitors growing and shrinking, lose the ground from beneath their feet in the vortex tunnel (rotating cylinder), serve the head of a visitor on a tray, or take a photo in an infinite room.

The museum in downtown Vienna is suitable for groups, too. An extra room can be definitely used for private gatherings and the museum can be rented for a private visit of small groups.

Vienna in Flower

As the city of Vienna wakes up from its winter sleep, as people start to spend more time in the streets and the trees get a splash of a green colour, the visitors and Viennese residents can get ready for flowering trees all around the city.

Pinky magnolia trees can be found in numerous parks all around Vienna and moreover, unique Cherry trees are hidden around prepared for perfect spring pictures. We will give you secret tips, where the most magnificent and colourful walks can be enjoyed in March, at the beginning of Spring.

The 6 district’s Hofmühlgasse is probably one of the first cherry tree-lane in Vienna that blossoms usually at the beginning of March. The most practical place to see flowering trees has to be Stadtpark that lies close to the city Centre. And finally, if anyone would like to go off the beaten path and explore also more remote parts of Vienna, we recommend visiting the Setagaya Japanese garden that is a perfect spectacle of magnolias and cherry trees in the full beauty.

Peak of the Gaislachkogl Mountain in Solden Magnolia and Cherry Blossom • Austria

007 Elements

Did you know that one of the James Bond movies was partly shot in the Austrian Alps? The installation called 007 Elements was built to commemorate this event and is welcoming visitors since 2018 as the only place of its kind. The modern building is located in Austrian Sölden and it is perfectly copying the breathtaking landscape.

The installation is focusing mainly on Spectre movie while simultaneously offering signature elements from all of the 24 James Bond Movies.  Located at an altitude of 3,050 meters above sea level, two floors of a building with an area covering 1,300 m² will be built directly within the mountain. It includes a variety of spaces like the open-air Plaza, showing the imposing angles of the building’s architecture frame the mountain panorama. The sharp angles recall the work of famed Bond Production Designer Sir Ken Adam who was the primary influence on the building’s design.

Visitors can observe special effects and props moreover, the state-of-the-art space allows visitors to interact with the technology. For the visitors that would like to enjoy other activities, they might be interested in the tobogganing, carriage rides or other winter sports.

Beethoven 2020 Anniversary

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in 1770 and so this year we are celebrating a 250 milestone that is going to be well-regarded by Austria. Concerts, events, and exhibitions are all going to be promoting the great musician throughout the year. One can go and see the manuscripts and Beethoven’s original documents in the National Library. Special concerts can be attended in the State opera starting with a Fidelio opera at the beginning of February, but also in Mozarthaus, Haus der Musik, Konzerthaus, and many others. Competition in the piano play of classical music organized in memory of Beethoven can be observed and enjoyed by the public in the first half of May.

Beethoven was born in Germany but then spent most of his life in Vienna. Therefore, Vienna is very proud to celebrate the WienBeethoven2020 and the visitors can find numerous landmarks commemorating the musician’s life.