Beethoven 2020 Anniversary

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in 1770 and so this year we are celebrating a 250 milestone that is going to be well-regarded by Austria. Concerts, events, and exhibitions are all going to be promoting the great musician throughout the year. One can go and see the manuscripts and Beethoven’s original documents in the National Library. Special concerts can be attended in the State opera starting with a Fidelio opera at the beginning of February, but also in Mozarthaus, Haus der Musik, Konzerthaus, and many others. Competition in the piano play of classical music organized in memory of Beethoven can be observed and enjoyed by the public in the first half of May.

Beethoven was born in Germany but then spent most of his life in Vienna. Therefore, Vienna is very proud to celebrate the WienBeethoven2020 and the visitors can find numerous landmarks commemorating the musician’s life.