Palais Liechtenstein • Vienna, Austria

Event for the Spanish Branch of an Automotive Company

We hosted recently the Spanish Branch of an Automotive Company in Vienna with a great event at Palais Garden Liechtenstein, where classic Viennese style met modern tastes and sounds: Classic music, Waltz dancers and a great Opera live show with tenors undercover!

For over 300 years, the GARDEN PALACE of the princely family of Liechtenstein is deeply rooted in Vienna’s history.

The GARDEN PALACE with its magnificent gardens is available for hire as an exclusive venue for events of the highest level.

The stunning symbiosis of nature, architecture and masterpieces of art history as well as extraordinary event concepts convey an impression of aristocratic life. A selection of masterpieces of the private art collection of the Prince of Liechtenstein from the early Renaissance to the High Baroque era may be viewed.

The Castle and the Buda Hills in Winter • Budapest, Hungary

Blaguss DMC hosted euromic’s Annual General Meeting in January 2017

It was a big honour for us at Blaguss DMC to host euromic’s Annual General Meeting in January 2017.

Let’s dive into the details… Read more

New Year's Concert • Vienna, Austria

New Year´s Eve and New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic – Musikverein

It has long been a Philharmonic tradition at the New Year to present a program consisting of the lively and at the same time nostalgic music from the vast repertoire of the Johann Strauss family and its contemporaries. Read more

Hofburg • Vienna, Austria

New Year’s Eve Ball 2015 – Hofburg Vienna

New Year’s Eve Ball at the Hofburg Vienna promises to be an unforgettable ball experience full of glitz and glamour. Read more

Budapest Wine Festival • Budapest, Hungary

24th Budapest Wine Festival • 9-13 September 2015 • Buda Castle, Budapest

Budapest Wine Festival always offers a nice variety of the finest wines of Hungary’s best winemakers along with foreign wines, thanks to noted wine traders. 15 countries, 220 wineries, 5000 wines are presented here. This wide range includes award winning wines from winemakers who have won awards and medals at well-known domestic and international competitions. Visitors can enjoy 5 days of cultural and musical entertainment. Almost 50 different shows will take place on the stage of the festival. Folk dance and music, jazz and the most popular Hungarian bands of world music will create memorable moments during the festival. This year again, Budapest Wine Festival will offer special gastronomic delights made of domestic quality ingredients focusing on the flavours of the cuisine of the guest country. Old recipes revised, hand crafted traditional products and lively bistro cuisine will all be on offer at Buda Castle. Visitors will be able to taste the traditional homemade strudel, the oven baked “Hungarian pizza”, classic stove cake, Hungarian, French and Spanish sheep’s, goat’s and cow’s cheese, Mangalica, special ham and homemade smoked delicacies.
Explore the Tastes of Hungary at the Budapest Wine Festival!
7_Budapest Wine Festival - Folk Dance

8_Budapest Wine Festival - Wine Tasting

Budapest Wine Festival Food