Blaguss DMC Newsletter, October 2023


A fabulous night at the Oyster Bar

This time, let us give you a hint if you’re in need of a unique dinner venue for your group in Budapest. Let us end your dilemma by introducing to you one of the chicest places in town, the Oyster Bar. It is located in Kozmo Hotel, a truly exceptional five-star hotel situated on the Pest side of the city, close to the Downtown but still conveniently outside of the tourist radar.
The building is a listed landmark estate with a historical legacy as the largest and first telecommunications center of its time. The name Kozmo comes from the word
közlés, which in Hungarian means communication. The red brick palace centered by a landmark staircase and crowned by a needle shaped tower with a 360 view of Budapest. The staircase is a work of art in itself and does not just lead to higher levels but may be considered as a time machine as well, having such character that can transport you to the glory years of Belle Époque (though the building was finished a bit later in 1917) and offers the perfect surrounding to our chosen venue, the Oyster Bar.

The name of course is a hint as oysters, caviar and champagne are the stars of the show but as a modern restaurant it has all the qualities to satisfy any gastronomical desires. As the hotel itself, this bar is a fine blend of classic elegance and modern minimalism, having its very own seducing character, it has a maximum capacity of 50 guests for seated dinners and 80 guests for a standing reception. Just imagine your group approaching the grand main stairs in the hall like movie stars arriving to the debut of their latest hit then blend into the vibrant atmosphere of the bar for a magnificent night out.
In our opinion, the Oyster Bar has everything that is needed for a magnificent welcome reception to start of your program or a farewell gala dinner to make sure that everyone of your group will have the fondest memories of Budapest.
We made our move, now it’s your turn to make yours and follow up with a booking.


Blaguss July Newsletter




Are you in search of a unique experience or something special for your next group in Budapest but can’t seem to find it?

Look no further, we’ll show you what’s trending in town!

Private visit to the Hungarian National Museum

Are you familiar with the tiring feeling of standing in a line and waiting to be let in to an exhibition that you were so sure that you don’t want to miss? We suppose every one of us has been there at least once in our lives and time is so precious when you’re visiting a foreign destination. The Hungarian National Museum has the perfect solution for not having to miss out on any of their exhibitions, they are offering private visits for groups after closing hours which might be the most convenient way to dive into the rich history that this museum has to offer to its visitors, not to mention that after years of Covid-19 danger this might be the safest way too.

The Hungarian Museum is offering a variety of permanent exhibitions to choose from but always have something extraordinary as well as a temporarily exhibition that is reflecting to present times and they even have a very unique, glass-walled room indoors where you can witness live restoration of such marvellous items like the Seuso treasure. They also have a number of rooms, each with its own character and all of them splendidly beautiful where your group can enjoy a nice dinner provided by a flawless catering company.

So it seems like all is set for a perfect night at the museum, we encourage you to come and see for yourselves.

Dinner show at Matild Café & Cabaret

It used to be one of the most historic Coffee houses of Europe and now, as part of Matild Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel this place has an ambitious goal which is nothing less than to bring back the vibes of vibrant Belle Epoque era when live music and gastronomy forged an unbreakable bond. The Matild Café & Cabaret is not just a restaurant it’s a spectacular and elegant revue scene with unique celebrated dinner shows that are so hard to find these days in Budapest.

Come and be a part of the revival of the old time spark! Oh and last but not least, the kitchen is under the supervision of world-famous master chef, Wolfgang Puck.

Sho Restaurant, Bar & Café

Located at the up and coming Lágymányos Bay area on the Buda side, this restaurant is part of the SHO System with SHO Beach and MÁK Terrace, offering mostly Hungarian and European –based cuisine in a very youthful but still clean- and neat-looking environment right next to Budapest’s first beach with a sandy waterfront. An excellent choice during the summer if you’d prefer to move away from the hot concrete surfaces of the Downtown area and relax by the Danube on a hot, sunny day. The kitchen is led by the cooperation of chefs Gábor Soóky and Krisztián Huszár, both with a long list of previous successes with other high-class restaurants.