The Castle and the Buda Hills in Winter • Budapest, Hungary

Blaguss DMC hosted euromic’s Annual General Meeting in January 2017

It was a big honour for us at Blaguss DMC to host euromic’s Annual General Meeting in January 2017.

Let’s dive into the details… Read more

Champagne Tower • Budapest, Hungary

Blaguss DMC is proud to announce the successful completion of this year’s biggest and most complex incentive program…

3 days/2 nights, 1200 guests, 8 hotels, 35 coaches, thousands of plates with delicious meals and hundreds of contributors…

We created this deluxe event of 1200 guests for a French company in close co-operation with our client. The aim of the event was to reward the best sales persons of the company and to show them how important and preciousthey are to the company by means of the program. It is our privilege to report: Mission completed! Read more

Sziget Festival • Budapest, Hungary

Sziget Festival ▪ 10-17 August 2016 ▪ Budapest, Hungary

On an island, surrounded by beautiful trees, in the Hungarian capital, thousands of young people meet to enjoy the Sziget Festival. What is offered by the festival is extraordinary: apart from the variety of music genres, dozens of programs are organized. To gain a closer insight of what Sziget Festival is about, please check the Official Aftermovie – Sziget 2015 below!