Stairway to Klimt • 13 February – 2 September 2018

As in 2012, on the occasion of the 150th birthday of the painter, the “Klimt bridge” will be installed again in 2018 in the stairway of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. At a height of 12 meters, visitors have a direct view of, among others, the picture cycle of 13 paintings designed by Klimt, which was created between the pillars and arcades. These so-called spandrel and intercolumnar paintings are listed among the most important of Gustav Klimt’s early works.
At the same time as the Klimt Bridge, Klimt’s large-scale painting “Nuda Veritas” will also be on display in the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. It comes from the estate of the critic Hermann Bahr and is being exhibited for the first time in the hall of Doryphoros of the Polykleitos in the context of ancient artworks.