Update on COVID-19 in Austria

10 facts you need to know about Austria right now
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We finally meet again! As of June 21, Austria lifted border restrictions for arrivals from 32 countries! This means that neither quarantine nor a negative COVID19 test will be necessary when entering Austria. Three European countries are exempt from these relaxations: Sweden, Great Britain and Portugal. Entry by air is prohibited to third-country nationals from states outside the Schengen area.

The mouth and nose protector must only be worn in public transport, supermarkets, health care and services where the one-metre distance cannot be maintained and by August 1st indoor events up to 500 participants will be allowed. Hotels, museums and restaurants are open.

The business magazine “Forbes” has also published a list of the World’s 100 safest countries in terms of Covid-19. Austria ranks sixth among the top 10.

Vienna Airport has been selected by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as a test airport for developing international standards for COVID19 safety measures in aviation. Numerous measures which have already been successfully implemented in Vienna and new findings from practical operations will be incorporated into European future regulations.

In order to guarantee safety, Austria will be one of the first countries to implement nationwide COVID-19 testing for travel and tourism industry employees, with the goal of regular tests for 65,000 sector employees by July 2020.

Ready, steady, go! The best time to visit Austria is….ANYTIME!

Vienna is the only capital city in the world to produce significant quantities of wine within its city limits. About 700 hectares of Vienna’s surface is covered by vineyards! Step out from the historical center and find yourself in in the vineyards along Vienna’s hills…now imagine any place you’ve felt so comfortable: taste the young wines produced with Vienna’s grapes, relax at the sunset with an Austrian mixed cold cut at Heurige, the traditional Viennese Wine Tavern.

The unique combination of lakes and mountains is paraphs Austria’s feature. In Summertime, you can immerse yourself in imperial splendour on a city trip, climb Alpine summits or spend lazy days at a deep blue lake: only in Austria all this is possible in on day!

In December stroll around the passages and the tiny streets of Vienna and Salzburg and you will find yourself inebriated by the truly authentic spirit of the Christmas markets with the sweet smell of Mulled wine, the roasting chestnuts, the craft stands selling beeswax candles, wooden toys and handmade Christmas decorations.

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